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Below you can see the services that Tambour Towage A/S provides:

Tambour Towage A/S operates primarily with the tugboats M/TUG VALDEMAR, M/TUG NADIR and M/TUG LOKE.

M/TUG VALDEMAR and M/TUG NADIR work mainly with longer and larger towing projects including towing of feed and stone barges, pipe towing, contractor barges, port towing etc.

M/TUG LOKE works mainly on contractor tasks with port construction and smaller towing tasks.

Below you can read more about our vessels.

shipowner and services

Below you can see your options for shipping service and services at Tambour Towage A/S

  • Harbor Towing
  • Barge Towing
  • Construction Jobs
  • Salvage
  • Sea ​​watch
  • Ice breaking
  • Servicing of sea marks

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